Christoff Vermeulen’s Chrisridogs Border Collies.

The Border Collies owned and loved by me are working dogs in heart and soul. Border Collies live for two things only, to do what they where bred to do, to herd sheep, and to please their master.

A brief description of this breed is given on my About Border Collies Page if you want to find out more about Border Collies as a pet for your family, or a working dog.

My first Border Collie was a tricoular bitch called Nikie out of the famous Jessie of Faansie Basson.

Together we had to learn, Nikkie to herd sheep, and myself to train a Border Collie to herd sheep. Once I had mastered the skill to train Border Collies and work with my border collies, my life changed irreversibly. I would never be able to complete my day tasks on our sheep farm in the karoo without a Border Collie by my side again.
More dogs followed after Nikkie, all from Faansie Bassons Alfadogs kennel.
After 5 years with my Alfadogs Border Collies I went to the United Kingdom, to meet with the best handlers and dogs from top working lines. I had the opportunity to over time import 4 of these top UK Border Collies from Ray Edwards. They are now bred with my Alfa Border Collies stock.

You can meet my current team of Border Collies to see first hand the stunning group that accompany me daily around the farm.

Breeder of Border Collies South Africa

Training of Border Collies south Africa

Training of Border Collies South Africa

Our Border Collies are not just for work, we also like the competitive side of life and when we can we, we compete in the SASDA sheepdog trails, hosted around SA. It is a very rewarding sport and very good to be able to compare our Border Collies working skills against other working dogs in SA.